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Hygiene, Preventative, and Periodontal Care

We believe a good foundation is the key to optimal oral health; therefore, periodontal care is of utmost priority. We customize hygiene visits to properly care for your specific periodontal (gums & bone) needs. Regular tooth cleaning by a dental professional is extremely important. It removes tartar that can build up even with careful brushing and flossing, especially in parts of the mouth that are particularly challenging to reach. Professional cleaning includes tooth scaling, polishing and debridement. Our professionals use a variety of tools and continue to update their skills to make sure that you are receiving exceptional service. Whether a six month checkup, or full periodontal therapy; our hygienists will always strive to provide the very best treatment while maintaining your absolute comfort. Our friendly and knowledgeable hygienists are able to provide you with both education and tools to help ensure your home care is effective and supportive of your long term oral health.

Starting May 1/2024, Dentistry on West will be accepting the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)Learn More